Conductive plastics

Due to its facility to admit different amounts fillers or fibres and also its ease to be converted in multiple shapes, parts and thicknesses plastics are the ideal candidates to be mixed with conductive materials for obtaining different plastic items with electrical or thermal conductivity. To do that mixing knowledge and facilities are needed in order to obtain the best performance at lowest cost especially because of the high prices that conductive fillers use to have.

Our Solutions

In order to fulfil the customer requirements and to solve the main problems related with conductive plastics AIMPLAS has developed solutions in the most critical issues as:

  • Correct conductive filler selection.
  • Dispersion assessment to ensure quality and performance.
  • To ease the handling/feeding of low bulk materials.
  • Appropriated Measure equipment since 1000-10E-14 Ohm.

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Technical Support

We can help you to:

  • To obtain antistatic, dissipative or conductive plastic compounds.
  • To obtain masterbatches of conductive fillers.
  • To develop a new range of conductive materials based on nanomaterials (CNT, graphene, CNF, etc.).
  • Optimize the dispersion of conductive fillers in order to maximize performance.
  • Development of new conductive compounds with new conductive fillers.
  • To study the influence of processing parameters during injection or extrusion.
  • Compounding Scale-up to industrial production machines.
  • Datasheet of the new compounds.

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