Microwave curing of composites

The use of microwave technology for curing parts brings major advantages in composite processing.

It minimizes the need for post-curing. It increases the quality of parts thanks to a stricter, more reliable curing process that is not dependent on environmental conditions, such as humidity and outside temperature.

Microwave technology brings homogeneous curing of thicker areas through the volumetric heating of parts and improves cross-linking (100%) in a shorter period of time. In addition, greater control over the reaction is achieved with MW radiation, enabling the injection, infusion, impregnation and curing phases to be adapted during the process.

It reduces styrene emissions by 50%

Microwave technology can also reduce styrene emissions and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by up to 50%.

AIMPLAS is the ideal partner for implementing this technology in your company’s production process. Our specialists in composite materials can advise you on the best solution for adapting microwave curing to the resins and processes used in your firm.

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