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Self-cleaning, water repellence (hydrophobic), anti-corrosion, anti-stain, antifouling and anti-ice solutions are interesting functionalities for coatings and the yare a technological challenge that begins by understanding the problems that are need to face.

In particular, we will focus on hydrophobicity and self-cleaning needs.  In addition to that we talk about ice accretion problems and current and future solutions to address it.

This webinar will give you an insight into possibilities and opportunities to understand and identify the solutions available, or in development to face the technological challenge posed by the current industry of omniphobic coatings.

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  • Understand basic omniphobic and icephobic concepts.
  • Increase knowledge about hydrophobicity and omniphobicity and their potential for application in different areas.
  • Know the current challenges in the development of self-cleaning, water repellency, anti-corrosion, anti-stain, antifouling and anti-ice surfaces.
  • Have information about solutions and possibilities in development for your company..
  • Identify new opportunities in the development of hydrophobic, icephobic and omniphobic solutions

Who is it aimed at?

  • Staff of technical departments, research groups an people interesting about omniphobic solutions on coatings developments.
  • Processing companies, manufacturers of coatings and additives.


  • Introduction to hydrophobicity concept
  • Introduction omniphobicity (anti-fouling, anti-stain...) concepts
  • Current developments in functional/smart coatings
  • Aspects to take into account to address the development of omniphobic solutions
  • Case Study: Ice-accretion Problem

Open calls

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  • A webinar is an online web-based meeting where participants can see what speakers display in their screens and listen to their explanations. Webinars are made in real time and on a specific date and hour and their main characteristic is interactivity between the teacher and the attendees. Attendees only need a computer with active audio and Internet connection to interact with the teacher by using the chat.

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