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Climate change is a global emergency that requires immediate actions. Reducing CO2 emissions is one of the most direct solutions. CO2 utilization has emerged as a promising tool to mitigate climate change and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. If your organization is committed to valorise CO2 and want to be up to date on the technologies to transform it, this event will introduce you to new developments in terms of CO2 uses and will highlight the potential of chemistry to tackle the industrial challenges related with the transition towards a decarbonized economy by means of CO2 valorization. Innovative uses of CO2 for the industry will bring together experts in the field of renewable energy, development of new chemical products, fuel or/and polymers and will explore new research challenges for CO2 utilization.

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Registration period
18 of May 2021 or until full capacity

Date and Schedule

18 of May 2021


4 class hours




AIMPLAS members 100€

Non-members: 150€


  • 09:50 Opening and welcome remarks | Dr.  Amador García, AIMPLAS
  • 10:00 Selective CO2 conversion to renovable methanol using microwave, magnetic induction and plasma technologies | Dr. Adolfo Benedito, AIMPLAS
  • 10:30 The use of CO2 as a building block for exo-vinylenecarbonates for the isocyanate-free synthesis of polyurethanes | Dr. Thomas Schaub, BASF
  • 11:00 Catalysts and systems for renewably based products in CO2 electrochemical transformations | Prof. Dr. Juan Ramón Morante, IREC
  • 11:30 Pause
  • 12:00 Oxygen dense polymers for the efficient use of CO2 | Jeff Uhrig, NOVOMER
  • 12:30 CO2 utilisation via 3D printed reactor technologies | Dr. Vesna Middelkoop, VITO
  • 13:00 Capturing Carbon. Creating Value | Babette Pettersen, LANZATECH
  • 13:30 Utilizing CO2 in synthetic fuel production | Heikki Koponen, QPower
  • 14:00 Technological innovation in CCU technologies: opportunities and challenges | Dra. Sorani Montenegro, Hysytech

Open calls

18 of May 2021


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