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  • The main objective of this course is to provide specific knowledge to companies to adapt their products to new customer demands and regulations, and develop new products with additives, fillers and reinforcements.



  • Description of the additives most commonly used in the plastics industry
  • Formulations
  • Property improvements through additivation
  • How additives affect processing

Fillers and reinforcements

  • Description of the fillers and reinforcements most commonly used in the plastics industry
  • Formulations
  • Applications for fillers and reinforcements
  • Leading applications for fillers and reinforcements
  • How fillers and reinforcements affect processing

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  • We help you to set up a tailor-made course adapted to the real needs of your company.
  • We will advise youto draw up the contents for the best possible training with the optimum duration.
  • In addition, the course can be carried out face to face, at the AIMPLAS facilities or at your company, by videoconference, online or, if you prefer, in combination.

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