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Production of compostable micro-irrigation systems

In the European project DRIUS a completely compostable micro-irrigation system was developed and produced at industrial scale. The Spanish research organization AIMPLAS (Plastics Technology Centre) developed the compound for the production of the system at industrial scale in Spanish company EXTRULINE SYSTEMS and the Israeli manufacturer METZERPLAS... Read more


New online nanocomposite characterization technologies will reduce manufacturing costs and quality rejects

The use of functional nanoparticles in polymers is one of the most promising applications of new materials. A small nanoparticle amount in the composites allows to provide them with new functionalities, such as fire resistance, electric conductivity and optical, mechanical or barrier properties. The use of functional nanoparticles in polymers is one of the most promising applications of new materials... Read more


Colouring of plastics: how to improve the yield of a pigment

We can distinguish two types of colorants, pigments or dyes, for plastics colouring process. The first ones can be totally insoluble in the polymeric matrix if they are inorganic pigments or partially soluble if they are organic. However, dyes are entirely soluble in plastics... Read more


Multilayer PET packages to become resins for coatings and the building sector

PET is an easily-recyclable material widely used when packing food and drinks . In order to improve the preservation of them and also their aspect, colorants and layers from other materials have been used many times, what makes more difficult their treatment for recycling. To avoid this products to end their life cycle in landfills, AIMPLAS coordinates a project... Read more


Pest control by using plastics

Mosquitoes, flies and phlebotoma, as well as other insects, are vectors of several diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, leishmaniose, etc. These plagues, together with the diseases to what they are related, used to be associated to peoples of the Third World mainly located in tropical areas. But, as a consequence of the climate change that the Earth is suffering,...Read more


Nanotechnology for safer, more eco-friendly and competitive cosmetic packages

During 2015, the second part of the project NANOPACK has been developed, co-funded by IVACE and the FEDER funds and where the Plastics Technology Centre (AIMPLAS) and the TECHNOLOGY CENTRE AINIA have participated. The results obtained in this applied research project show that nanoparticles incorporated to polymeric materials.... Read more


Nanotechnology to improve the surface properties of materials

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, has completed the researches made to develop new functional coatings for plastic, ceramics, metal and glass, thanks to nanotechnology. The research tasks carried out within the frame of the project Nanosurf, funded by the Valencian Centre of Business Competitiveness (IVACE)... Read more


Sustainable innovations in plastic packaging

The commercial success of plastics in the packaging sector is due to their excellent versatility, as a result of the combination of their different properties: flexibility, resistance, lightness, transparency, waterproofing, and so forth. This versatility has lead plastics to become indispensable materials for the manufacturing of all kinds of packaging, both rigid and flexible, for different commercial and industrial applications, including packaging for food... Read more

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