Advantages for a membership

Become a member

Important discounts on services

20% discount on:

  • Laboratory analysis and testing.*
  • Registration to technical conferences, seminars and training courses.
  • Sponsorship for conferences and seminars.
  • Organisation of technical and commercial conferences.
  • E-newsletter advertising rates.
  • Services of competitive and strategic intelligence.

5% discount on:

  • Technical assistance
  • R+D+i projects whose budget is higher than € 18,000.00 + VAT.

Annual discount voucher

€ 50.00 for those companies who have been associates for 2 years, and € 100.00 for companies who have been associates for more than 2 years. Voucher applicable in analysis and testing, technical assistance and competitive and strategic watch services. *

Benefit from a privileged treatment

  • Personal attention and resolution of queries on standards and legislation.
  • Priority in the management of subsidies and financial aids for R+D+i projects.
  • Precedence given to register on subsidised courses.
  • Priority to accept students of practical trainings in our postgraduate courses for university graduates.
  • Reduced membership fee for companies belonging to a business group where there is already at least a company associated to AIMPLAS.
  • Additional discounts on the associated company fee when signing contracts of analysis and testing services.

Free Services for Companies

  • Preparation of proposals and management of grants for projects whose budget (for the recruitment of AIMPLAS) is equal to or higher than € 12,000.00 + VAT.
  • Services of the Plastic AIMPLAS Observatory:
    • Unlimited access to the search engine and index of technologies of the Plastic Observatory.
    • Newsletter alerts according to your needs: legislation, technical standards, financial funding and grants as well as events.
    • Technological offer-demand management by AIMPLAS, access to the technology search engine (more than 50.000 new references every year), publications related to new technologies, raw materials, markets, etc.
    • No limit of registered users belonging to the company. 
  • Employment exchange: find the professional profiles that are adequate for your enterprise. Access our employment exchange with more than 3.400 CVs.
  • Benefit from our facilities to organise your meetings.
  • Availability of the official logo of company associated with AIMPLAS for its use in your corporate material.
  • Access to literature, specialized journals, standards and the collection of documents.

Access to a purchasing central of the plastics industry

Obtain better prices for the purchase of products and hire services for your enterprise (electricity, gas, fuel, transport, messaging, telephony, insurance, waste management, etc.)

*Except subcontracted services. 

Please consult us the annual membership cost. Download PDF