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The Aenor N Mark is a voluntary product certification that is widely used in Spain and guarantees that the products that carry it are of high quality.
One of the steps required to obtain this mark involves carrying out a series of tests in a laboratory selected by Aenor. In particular, AIMPLAS’ laboratories are included in the Specific Rules for Plastic Materials (RP 001.00).

The plastic product family is subject to more than 50 specific rules, depending on the nature of the product (pipes, piping systems, bags, PVC profiles, etc.).

Tests according to Aenor-Specific Rules

AIMPLAS has experience of carrying out tests according to specific rules:

Perfil PVC

PVC profiles

Non-plastic PVC profiles for windows and doors according to rule RP 01.17. This rule is based on European product standard UNE-EN 12608-1 and requires heat reversion tests in accordance with standard UNE-EN 479, burning behaviour in accordance with UNE-EN 478 and resistance to impact by falling mass in accordance with UNE-EN 477.

Waterproofing sheets

Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing according to rule RP 01.61. This rule covers sheets for both outdoor and indoor use (and therefore reinforced or non-reinforced). The tests to be carried out depend on the nature of the sheet and may include tensile tests, tests to check flexibility at low temperatures and tests to check dimensional stability.

ensayos láminas certificación aenor
Bolsas aenor

PE bags

Polyethylene (PE) bags with a high content of recycled material for the transport of products according to rule RP 01.89. This rules is based on standards UNE 53930-1 and -2. The tests required include determination of thickness according to standard UNE-ISO 4593, volume according to standard UNE-EN 13590 and dynamic load according to UNE 53930-2.

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