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Transparent and high barrier biodegradable film and sheet for Modified Atmosphere food Packaging

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To develop a new transparent, multilayer, barrier, totally biodegradable and recyclable packaging for fresh food and different kinds of cheeses that require Modified Atmosphere Packaging.


At least two types of thermoplastic and biodegradables materials will be combined in the design of the new package, mainly the polylactic acid (PLA) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). The first has excellent mechanical properties and high transparency, and the late presents high barrier to gases and is also water-soluble, which allows the package to be recyclable and biodegradable. In order to raise the barrier effect against the water vapor of both materials, a biodegradable coating made of natural waxes from agricultural wastes will be applied,  covering the external layer of the multilayer package.

A new generation of biodegradable adhesives which will be also developed during the project, are used to the different layers of the package ensure the consumer that they will extend the lifespan of food, at least in the same way that the packages manufactured with traditional materials. However, there is a difference between them: new packages will be manufactured with, at least, 75% of raw materials from renewable sources, and also they will be biodegradable.

Project partners:

2 research centres and 9 companies

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