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Integrating engineering processing and materials technologies for the European automotive sector

Project partners
4 technology centres, 2 universities, 3 associations and 15 companies
Responsable, Ferran Martí


To develop a new Integrated Design and Engineering Environment (IDEE) for SMEs supplying the automotive sector, to develop reliable and highly advanced materials that can be processed and to develop a new supply chain concept.


1) To develop an innovative “flexible process that can be configured on demand” to combine the latest plastic moulding technologies through the IDEE to each “component’s” requirements in a single industrial process. It will incorporate standardised technical, environmental and economic parameters in the decision-making process.  2) To develop breakthrough materials to fulfil special functionalities: intrinsic colouring: making use of nanoparticles in colouring technology for plastic automotive components to avoid additional painting using organic stabilised dyes attached to nanoparticles. This will increase colour choice, reduce VOCs from painting down to 0% and still give a satisfactory finish, reducing production times by 30% (previously devoted to painting) and overall paint line space in the factory by 50%. 3) To disassemble on-command components by using adhesives filled with nanoparticles which will expand by the application of heat or microwaves, helping to de-bond the components for the recycling process and reduce disassembly times by 25%.


Automotive and Transport
Industry 4.0
Sustainable mobility
Advanced materials
Advanced technologies