Plastic materials featuring repellent and insecticide properties

Business opportunity

Here at AIMPLAS we have developed methods for adding insecticidal and/or repellent thermolabile substances during processing. This makes it possible to produce plastic products and fabrics which contain highly efficient, long-lasting repellent and insecticide properties.

These methods are mainly applicable to polyolefin and PVC-based products, both extrusion and injection grade and solid or foamed products. We can also add these substances to plastic based paints and coatings.

The advantages of using the technology developed by AIMPLAS are:

  • Long-lasting insecticidal/repellent effect.
  • Customized products for each application.
  • Recyclable products.
  • Products which can be processed by any manufacturing method (injection, extrusion, thermoforming, blowing, foaming, etc.).
  • Minimal impact on mechanical properties (depending on encapsulation needs).
  • Can be used in a wide range of sectors (gardening, DIY, construction, textiles, packaging, etc.).
  • Using natural and synthetic active substances based on the target pest.
  • Using different medium-low temperature processing polymer matrices: polyethylene, PVC, EVA, PP, TPEs, etc.

Here at AIMPLAS we help you to obtain plastic products with long-lasting insecticidal and/or repellent properties. We provide technical advice in choosing the type of insecticide and its dosage depending on the insect, environmental conditions and durability of the effect.

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