PHB composite material with natural fibres for the automotive industry

Business opportunity

European legislation requires automotive component manufacturers to make their products increasingly environmentally friendly. One of the solutions to this challenge is using biocomposites in the manufacture of specific interior parts.

AIMPLAS has developed a biocomposite from a PHB formulation which includes natural fibres. These fibres enhance the manufactured parts’ sustainability and also meet automotive industry requirements in terms of smells, fogging and emissions for use in vehicle interior parts.

This new composite is made in a continuous process in which the fabric is impregnated with the melted PHB in the flat sheet extrusion process. The resulting composite can then be moulded by a pressing system to obtain parts with differing geometries.

The main advantages of this composite are:

  • Improved mechanical properties compared to other biocomposites.
  • Inclusion of sustainable materials in vehicle interior parts.
PHB con fibras naturales en automoción

Here at AIMPLAS we provide you with the technological support you need to use this biocomposite in your products.

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