Improved sustainability and functionality in plastic products for agriculture

Business opportunity

Conventional thermoplastic polymers are one of the polymeric materials that is most used in plasticulture. However, the waste generated by their inappropriate management means interest is growing in the use of alternative materials such as biodegradable polymers which resolve these issues.

Using plastic materials with advanced functionalities in agriculture provides highly competitive added value compared to traditional materials. They help deliver better harvests, require less time of the farmer and also resolve problems related to the emergence of roots in unwanted areas.

Here at AIMPLAS we help you add conventional or biodegradable in soil and/or compostable materials to your products through customized additives based on the properties required in each plant or crop.

We have developed a wide variety of products such as planters, pipes and meshes featuring controlled release and dosage of nutrients, antifungal, antimicrobial or anti-root properties, controlled release of plant protection products or with humidity control to ensure the best crop conditions.

Plásticos agricultura

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