Formulating powder gel coat with electrical conductivity properties

Business opportunity

Using liquid gel coat in the composites industry means additional processing to obtain the final part with the added drawback of the emission of unwanted substances (VOCs).

Here at AIMPLAS we have developed a powder gel coat to help with painting composite materials. Its electrical conductivity properties mean it works as a first conductor to make using electrostatic painting/coating easier.

The main advantages of applying this type of coating are:

  • Elimination of VOCs resulting from applying a liquid gel coat.
  • Reduced gel coat curing cycles and hence decreased manufacturing cycles for your composite parts.
    Workers do not have to handle toxic and/or hazardous products (catalytic systems, peroxides, etc.).
  • Enhanced quality control.
  • Improved bond between the final finishing layer and the structural laminate.
  • Lower final painting costs through electrostatic painting (used in the automotive industry).
  • Lower raw material storage costs.
  • Recycling: any powder gel coat not deposited on the mould can be recovered by suction and reused.
recubrimiento gelcoat

Here at AIMPLAS we can supply a customised solution based on adapting the powder gel coat formulation to your process parameters and the characterization of your parts by means of a range of tests to ensure the part’s final quality.

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