Development of recycled rubber products

Business opportunity

AIMPLAS supports you in your Circular Economy strategy by developing new recycled rubber products that include varying percentages of recycled rubber taken from end-of-life tyres.

Sectors such as the construction and street furniture industries can benefit from this type of products that promote the Circular Economy strategy, creating environmentally sustainable products with high added value using rubber taken from end-of-life tyres.

We offer you tailor-made solutions based on:

  • A study of your product.
  • Adaptation of the recycled rubber formulation to your process parameters.
  • Characterization of your pieces by carrying out different tests to ensure the final quality of the product.
caucho reciclado

The results of our developments have enabled us to include recycled rubber in different products with percentages ranging from 60% in mixtures with second-grade rubber + vulcanization, to 89% in sintering processes.

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