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Development of biocomposite-based products

Biocomposites present a unique opportunity for companies to offer products with low environmental impact while maintaining the levels of performance of traditional composites.

In AIMPLAS we offer a wide variety of useful polymers for developing and processing this type of products to obtain pieces and products that have high recyclability, low environmental impact and good mechanical and flame-retardant properties. We have created demonstrators for the aeronautics, shipping, railway and automotive sectors.

The advantages of these types of products are:

  • Recyclability and/or low environmental impact.
  • Low production costs, safe and versatile.
  • Environmentally-friendly process and product, with low energy consumption, based on renewable and/or recyclable materials.
  • Product weight is reduced.
  • Easy to transport and assemble.
Nuevos productos con biocomposites

We offer tailor-made solutions, adapted to the needs of the final piece/product.

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