Developing PVOH grades suitable for extrusion and injection to develop barrier packaging

Business opportunity

Multilayer plastic containers with high barrier applications face the challenge of improving their sustainability in the recycling stage. This is because the difficulty of separating their layers presents a problem at the end of the containers’ useful lives.

Here at AIMPLAS we have developed an innovative and economically competitive alternative to current options in the oxygen barrier solutions market through PVOH grades with features tailored to each company’s needs.

The PVOH we have developed is an oxygen barrier material comparable to EVOH. However, it has the advantage of being soluble in water which makes it more environmentally sustainable since it is easier to recycle. It is designed to be used in the internal layers of multilayer structures and its cost is also very competitive compared to current materials.

Our PVOH’s main advantages are:

  • Oxygen barrier comparable to EVOH.
  • Compatible with the main polyolefins used in multilayer packaging.
  • Soluble in water to help with layer separation stages in recycling.
Grados PVOH

AIMPLAS has developed its optimisation method for various PVOH grades and can tailor properties in line with your company’s requirements.

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