Developing heated plastic items using conductive polymers

Business opportunity

Increasing the effectiveness of electricity use in heating processes without giving up the complexity of final designs and lightness of the end product is a common requirement in the automotive (electric car), white goods, construction and industrial sectors.

At AIMPLAS we have developed thermoplastic conductive composites which allow all kinds of plastics-based designs and can be heated following the application of a minimum electric current. The materials can be made with various polymers (polyolefins and technical plastics such as polycarbonate, polyamide, etc.) and combined with different kinds of conductive particles. This delivers products tailored to each application, heated and with low energy use.

The advantages of the composite developed by AIMPLAS are:

  • Reduced/controlled electricity use.
  • Lower end-product weight.
  • Good mechanical and electrical properties.
  • Customised products based on each application.
  • Recyclable products.
  • Wide range of designs and geometries.
  • Metal parts are replaced.

Here at AIMPLAS we help you develop all kinds of products based on our plastic composites, so you can get more efficient heating items with application options in many fields combined with freedom of design and ease of integration.

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