Developing continuous fibre thermoplastic composites

Business opportunity

One of the major areas of demand in the market is for high performance materials which are more flexible in terms of processing options (reprocessability) and are also more environmentally friendly (recyclability and reparability).

This demand is largely met by using continuous fibre thermoplastic composite materials. Sectors including the automotive and aeronautics industries have begun to use these products, mainly due to their processing/cycle time, reprocessability and recyclability advantages.

Adapting processes designed for composites with thermosetting resins to continuous fibre thermoplastic composite materials is an enormous challenge for companies which can be met with the help of AIMPLAS.

The advantages of continuous fibre thermoplastic composite parts are:

  • Recyclability.
  • Good fire retardant and mechanical properties.
  • Reduced cycle times.
  • Low production cost as well as being safe and versatile.
  • More ecological process and product (depending on the type of polymer) with lower energy use and based on renewable and/or recyclable material.
  • Reduction in the part’s weight.
  • Easy transport and assembly.
Composites termoplásticos fibra continua

AIMPLAS has conducted a number of projects for the aeronautics (aircraft interior panels, aircraft components), agricultural (tractor floor) and automotive (bus trays, interior decorative trim) industries which have enabled us to learn about a wide variety of versatile polymers for developing this kind of products, their properties and how they perform in processing.

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