Business opportunities

This section features products and technologies that AIMPLAS has designed in-house and can be implemented in companies in a short period of time.

We offer competitive solutions that bring high added value and will help your company to increase turnover or break into new markets.

Weight reduction by replacing natural stone products with solid surface materials

Development of biocomposite-based products

Fast curing of composites using microwaves

Development of recycled rubber products

Lightweight armour for boats with composite materials

Increased thermal resistance of plastic materials through reactive extrusion

Increased scratch and abrasion resistance in coatings

Developing thermoplastic starch (TPS)

Developing continuous fibre thermoplastic composites

Developing heated plastic items using conductive polymers

Development of active packaging to extend the shelf life of food

Developing PVOH grades suitable for extrusion and injection to develop barrier packaging

Plastic materials featuring repellent and insecticide properties

Improved sustainability and functionality in plastic products for agriculture

Asphalt mixes improved by adding plastic waste

Ultrahydrophobic coatings

Formulating powder gel coat with electrical conductivity properties

Eliminating volatile compounds, contaminants and smells in plastic materials

PHB composite material with natural fibres for the automotive industry

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