testing plastic materials
30 November 2016 en Construction, Legislation and standards
The standards concerning plastic pipes are determined by the material used to manufacture such pipe (polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC) and by the function that is going to perform, whether supply or sanitation. 
R&D plastics
25 November 2016 en Bioplastics, Environment, Packaging
This project follows the both center colaborative line to investigate innovation in biodegradable materials, given its potential for food and plastic containers.  
rd plastics
21 November 2016 en Healthcare
AIMPLAS has taken part in a project funded by the Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe), resulting in the development of a low-cost and reusable ‘videolaryngoscope’, which consists of a clip-on plastic part and a video...
recycled plastic packaging
17 November 2016 en Environment, Recycling
According to the last report of the Spanish association Cicloplast, 2,151 kt of plastic wastes or scrap are generated in Spain annually.
14 November 2016 en Environment
We find all kind of wastes in seas and oceans: wood, metal, glass, textile and plastic. Most of them come from the 142 countries less than 50 km away from the sea, from coastal tourism, centre of the town, wastes from horticulture and...
plastic injection
08 November 2016 en Food sector, Healthcare, R&D
AIMPLAS has collaborated with the company INYECTADOS ALSAN, dedicated to product manufacturing for different sectors by means of injection, to develop an innovative material allowing bringing an ice bucket with bactericidal and antifungal...
polymer testing laboratories
28 October 2016 en Bioplastics, Construction
The company ADVANCED ROADS had the assessment of AIMPLAS in order to improve one of their products, the so-called ECO WAY: a polymer-based additive allowing stabilizing, crushing and waterproofing lands in rural areas that are subject to...
migration test for packaging
24 October 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Food sector, Packaging
Since the publication of the Regulation 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, there have been different transitional provisions allowing the packaging industry to adapt progressively to this new...
20 October 2016 en Bioplastics, Environment, Packaging
WHEYPACK is a circular project in which the cheese industry, that generates the whey surplus, becomes a beneficiary of the new PHB biodegradable packaging tailored to the needs of their products.
rd plastics
17 October 2016 en Automotive and Transport, Energy efficiency
In its innovation line for the automotive industry, AIMPLAS coordinates the project JOSPEL to develop an innovative heating panel system manufactured with compounds that achieve a 30 % reduction of the energy consumption.