innovative bioplastics
01 February 2017 en Automotive and Transport, Bioplastics, Environment
We have coordinated the project BRIGIT to produce biodegradable and flame-retardant bioplastics that will be installed in trucks and buses as panels.
biodegradable plastics
27 January 2017 en Bioplastics, Training in plastics
On 1 and 2 March, AIMPLAS will bring together in Valencia the main experts and European companies from the bioplastics sector in an international seminar consolidated in its VI edition. 
curing systems
24 January 2017 en Automotive and Transport, Innovation
AIMPLAS coordinates the European project ECOGEL CRONOS, aiming for developing a powder gelcoat coating with electrical conductivity properties obtained by incorporating carbonaceous fillers. 
recycled plastic
18 January 2017 en Environment, Innovation, Recycling
AIMPLAS coordinates the European project LIFE ECOMETHYLAL that will allow diverting more than 100,000 tonnes of plastic wastes each year from landfills to obtain methylal, a substance that can be used as a solvent or as a raw material to...
food packaging challenges
12 January 2017 en Environment, Packaging, Training in plastics
The Brazilian company Braskem will produce packages made from renewable polyethylene for Granini.
plastic product design
09 January 2017 en Bioplastics, Environment, Training in plastics
The next edition of the International Seminar on Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites of AIMPLAS will be attended by Natureworks, where it will launch its innovative bioplastic.
recycled plastic
22 December 2016 en Environment, Recycling
AIMPLAS coordinates the project LIFE EXTRUCLEAN to obtain new recycling technologies more efficient than the conventional process. 
R&D Plastics
20 December 2016 en Construction, Innovation
Next 27 January 2017, a workshop on the European project SLIPSAFE will take place in Brussels, organized by the consortium of the project, where the developments and results of this new generation of PVC anti-slip floors will be showcased...
food packaging challenges
13 December 2016 en Food sector, Packaging, Recycling
After having coordinated during 24 months the project BANUS, from the EU Seventh Framework Programme, the Centre has increased significantly the existing knowledge on the evaluation of functional barriers and the effectiveness of different...
R&D plastics
05 December 2016 en Food sector, Packaging
INESCOP, AINIA y AIMPLAS are collaborating in the R&D project INORCAP, focused on the research on multifunctional microcapsules with high mechanical and thermal resistance.