Virtual MeetingPack 2021: Strategic overview in the development of barrier packaging and a prelude to MeetingPack 2022

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As a consequence of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the next in-person edition of MeetingPack has been postponed until 20th-21th April 2022. Nevertheless, given the rising interest in this meeting on barrier packaging and sustainability in the sector, in 2021 a virtual event will take place on the 27th May as a prelude to the in-person event in 2022, which is already sponsored by Enplater.

In this virtual workshop, the latest technological innovations in sustainable barrier packaging will be presented in two blocks: Solutions in sustainable packaging and Incorporation of recycling in packaging.

The goal of Virtual Meetingpack 2021 is to offer companies a strategic vision of the sector trends in barrier packaging and to share the common challenges which the sector will face in the coming years. For this reason, inspirational presentations, round-table talks and visits to virtual exhibitors in which the whole value chain and all types of packaging will be represented and they will be open to the participation of attendees.

The platform selected for this virtual format is going to make it possible to replicate the model of the in-person event in a way that keeps the interaction between companies and speakers and sponsors possible promoting networking which is a very important part of the success of the MeetingPack format.

Jointly organised by AINIA and AIMPLAS, MeetingPack is a biannual event which, since 2013, brings together more than 300 people from the packaging and related sectors to discuss the main developments regarding barrier packaging. Its latest edition MeetingPack2019, “Trends in sustainable packaging: towards the H2030 goal” meant the consolidation and internationalisation of the event.

Packaging of the future: barrier and sustainable

The evolution in packaging to form the supply available today has been conditioned by the characteristics of the food it contains. The requirements are different when it comes to packaging a ready meal or fresh food; a conserve or refrigerated product. The correct choice of packaging for professionals in the food industry must guarantee food safety through the technology and materials but must also consider the comfort and convenience of the final user.

The conditions in which the fool reaches the consumer, as well as its shelf life, depends to a large extent on the atmosphere inside the packaging. For this reason, the latest trends in research are aimed at optimising barrier packaging, as it protects the product from external factors like light, humidity or oxygen, delaying its deterioration without the use of additives and therefore avoiding food waste. Barrier packaging, combined with innovative packaging systems, is one of the most complete technological solutions in response to the complex world of services that the packaging value chain (logistics operator, distributor, consumer, waste manager…) requires from manufacturers today. In this sense, selecting technology and innovation according to the real needs of the food product for which it is intended, is key from the company’s point of view.

All this, moreover, under the umbrella of the circular economy and sustainability model that must necessarily unite technical criteria with environmental criteria, undoubtedly the greatest challenge facing the packaging industry in the coming years and the central focus of this edition of Meetingpack.

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