Una jornada online abordará la utilización del CO2 en la industria como respuesta al reto de una economía baja en carbono

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AIMPLAS has organised for next 18 May an online workshop on the innovative uses of CO2 for the industry aimed at companies committed to recover CO2 in which all existing innovations for its transformation and new developments in terms of the use of this greenhouse gas will be presented.

In line with the challenge of providing solutions that reverse climate change and with a low carbon economy, this workshop will present the use of CO2 as a promising tool to mitigate climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This event is aimed at companies committed to transform CO2 by the use of innovative technologies. It will highlight the potential of chemistry to tackle the industrial challenges related to the transition towards a decarbonised economy by means of CO2 recovery.

This online workshop will bring together experts in the field of renewable energy, development of new chemical products, fuel or polymers and will explore new research challenges for CO2 utilization. Amador García, Technologies Manager at AIMPLAS, will open the event. Then, Adolfo Benedito, Decarbonisation researcher at AIMPLAS, will address the conversion of CO2 to methanol using alternative reactor technologies such as microwave, plasma or magnetic induction. Afterwards, Thomas Schaub, from BASF, will talk about the use of CO2 as a building block for exo-vinylenecarbonates for the isocyanate-free synthesis of polyurethanes. Then, Juan Ramón Morante, from IREC, will discusscatalysts and systems for renewably based products in CO2 electrochemical transformations. After the break, Jeff Uhrig, from NOVOMER, will present oxygen dense polymers for the efficient use of CO2 and Vesna Middelkoop, from VITO, will discuss CO2 utilisation via 3D printed reactor technologies. Babette Pettersen, from LANZATECH, will provide her vision on value creation from carbon capture and Heikki Koponen, from QPower, will talk about the use of CO2 as a source for synthetic fuel production.

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