Plastics industry training and events

Specialized training in the plastics industry enables professionals to enhance their development in key areas of the business and update their knowledge. Different modalities, including face-to-face, online and customized courses, webinars and official qualification programmes, provide a response to the needs of all students, based on their profile and goals. Training also includes first-rate conferences and seminars on the plastics industry to ensure students understand the most advanced technologies and new trends.

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Training projects to introduce 3D printing in hospitals, develop new materials and meet environmental and construction challenges

With Erasmus+ Programme funding, AIMPLAS is developing the ALADDIN, ADIUVA and TAB4BUILDING Projects to respond to health, environmental and construction challenges.

First edition of international workshop on biocidal agents and their applications in plastics industry

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, is organizing an online workshop on trends and opportunities for biocidal agents in the plastics sector that will be held […]

Online workshop on the innovative uses of CO2 for the industry aimed at companies committed to recover CO2

AIMPLAS has organised for next 18 May an online workshop on the innovative uses of CO2 for the industry aimed at companies committed to recover […]

Virtual MeetingPack 2021 agenda will address packaging sustainability and the incorporation of recycled material

Virtual MeetingPack 2021, a prelude to MeetingPack 2022, will present innovations and address the challenges of the food packaging sector on 27 May through a series of inspiring presentations and round-table discussions.

Virtual MeetingPack 2021: Strategic overview in the development of barrier packaging and a prelude to MeetingPack 2022

This workshop, a prelude to MeetingPack2022, will present the most disruptive solutions in barrier packaging through inspiring presentations, round-table discussions and visits to virtual exhibitors.