Plastics industry training and events

Specialized training in the plastics industry enables professionals to enhance their development in key areas of the business and update their knowledge. Different modalities, including face-to-face, online and customized courses, webinars and official qualification programmes, provide a response to the needs of all students, based on their profile and goals. Training also includes first-rate conferences and seminars on the plastics industry to ensure students understand the most advanced technologies and new trends.

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New compounding workshop in Brussels

A new compounding workshop is going to be held in Brussels next year on 9 and 10 March. Luis Roca, head of the Compounding Department of AIMPLAS, will attend this opportunity to know the latest innovations in the field of compounding.

Plastics are Future will meet in Valencia the most spectacular innovations on new materials

The 20th century has seen how plastics were born, how they have incredibly grown and how they have extended their application fields up to levels […]

AIMPLAS holds the first independent compounding workshop in Europe the 14th and 15th of October

AIMPLAS, The Plastics Technology Centre, will organize a Compounding workshop that will allow their attendees to learn the mixing concepts for the incorporation of fillers, pigments, additives and reinforcements in plastics for the optimization of their properties. 

Training activities for the plastics sector

In 2014, AIMPLAS organised more than 100 training activities for the plastics sector. On-site and online training, webinars, events and seminars… a training offer that […]

Online course about Natural Fibers – Compounding Best Practices

Natural fibers and fillers are the fastest growing segment of the plastics additive market. They offer exciting opportunities for new business driven by environmental and […]