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Training activities for the plastics sector

In 2014, AIMPLAS organised more than 100 training activities for the plastics sector. On-site and online training, webinars, events and seminars… a training offer that got together more than 1 000 workers from 600 companies.

Raw materials, transformation processes, legislation, trade, new technologies, laboratories… a wide thematic variety lead to the different sectors related to the plastics industry: automotive, agriculture, packaging, building, aeronautics, recycling, etc.

AIMPLAS keeps being the first centre with a training offer specialized for the plastics sector, both because of the quantity and the quality of the proposed actions. In 2014, the attendees to our courses rated with an 8.41 the level of the teachers and with an 8.36 the organization and coordination of the courses. High levels of satisfaction were reached among the attendees to the events and seminars organized by AIMPLAS. The level of the speakers was rated with an 8.31, whereas the qualification of the organization and coordination of the events was 8.72.

This year, we seek to keep covering the training necessities of the companies. We have created, as an instrument that can help to get this objective, a way for companies to send us their training interests.