The Portuguese government recognises AIMPLAS as a certified training body

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As another example of its internationalisation process and in order to respond to the demand made by its clients in Portugal, AIMPLAS has processed and obtained the official DGERT (Directorate General for Employment and Labour Relations) accreditation to provide training to Portuguese companies.

What does it mean to be a certified training body?

Being an accredited entity means that the Portuguese National Qualification System guarantees that our processes, procedures, practices, and resources in the development of training activities are in line with a quality reference. For that purpose, we have undergone a rigorous evaluation process that will be made through audits that will periodically verify the excellence of our training activity.

What are the advantages for companies located in Portugal to train with AIMPLAS?

Portuguese companies can benefit from access to the most complete offer in training for the plastics sector through tailor-made courses, online courses, webinars and workshops and seminars. More than 180 training activities per year on raw materials, quality and legislation, processes and technologies, circular economy and industrial sectors with the added-value of taking place in a training centre accredited by the Portuguese Ministry of Labour for both face-to-face and online courses.

AIMPLAS in Portugal

Obtaining this accreditation is a further step in AIMPLAS’ offer to its customers and companies in the plastics sector in Portugal. In the last decade, our contribution to the Portuguese market has been exponential and we are already the technological ally of hundreds of companies to cover their needs in R&D&i, technological services and training.

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