The European Ecolabel for indoor and outdoor paints and varnishes

Category: Quality control of polymers and plastic products

Increasingly, consumers have more information about the environmental impact of the products they buy or use.

In the case of indoors and outdoors paints and varnishes, the European Commission published the ECOLABEL (Commission Decision (2014/312/EU)) to inform us about the environmental sustainability of these products and in turn guarantees us compliance with the functionality and durability.

The Ecolabel for indoor and outdoor paints and varnishes analyzes both potentially harmful substances and compliance with the performance required in each application, in such a way that the products placed on the market with this distinction reflect a commitment to society and the environment, and a technical advance with respect to the traditional formulated products.

To guarantee the environmental requirements, companies requesting the Ecolabel on their products must attach a test report on the required performance and the low volatile emissions of the product.

Depending on the final application of the paints and/or varnishes, the functionality requirements are different and, therefore, the tests to be carried out are also different.

In the following table, the tests required depending on the final application of the paint or varnish are shown:

Spreading rate acc. to EN ISO 6504-3:2007XXXXXXX
Resistance to water acc. to EN ISO 2812-3:2020XX
Adhesion acc. to EN ISO 4624:2016XXX
Resistance to abrasion acc. to EN ISO 7784-2:2016XXX
Weathering acc. to EN ISO 11507:2007XXXXX
Water vapour permeability acc. to EN ISO 7783-2:1999XX
Liquid water permeability acc. to EN 1062-3:2008XX
Fungal resistance acc. to EN 15457:2014XXX
Algal resistance acc. to EN 15458:2007XXX
Crack bridging acc. to EN 1062-7:2004X
Alkali resistance acc. to EN ISO 2812-4:2018XXX
Corrosion resistance acc. to EN ISO 9227:2017XXXXX

(1): indoor paints

(2): outdoor paints

(3): trim and cladding

(4): indoor and outdoor thick decorative coating

(5): varnish and woodstain

(6): one pack performance and floor covering paint

(7): primers

(8): undercoats and primers

These tests are carried out entirely at the laboratories at AIMPLAS and the applicant will receive a technical report with the results of the tests.

Each Member State of the European Union has offices where the applicant can present the documentation. In Spain this function is delegated to the Autonomous Communities.

For more information, the AIMPLAS laboratories are equipped to offer the necessary tests for the Ecolabel of indoor and outdoor paints and varnishes. Contact us.

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