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Plastic research institute
13 November 2018 en Innovation, Technology Watch

Collaborative robots, also known as cobots, have existed since the 1990s, but in recent years advances in sensors and automation and the emergence of Industry 4.0 have significantly increased their presence in the industry....
Institute of Plastic Technology
13 September 2018 en Innovation, Technology Watch
Over the last 30 years, the Industry 3.0 has been based on a well-defined automation architecture consisting of five layers. Field devices such as sensors and input/output devices at the lowest layer send data to logic controllers through...
Spanish technology centre
18 May 2018 en Technology Watch
The internet of things, commonly abbreviated as IoT, is a very general term. To talk about the industrial applications of the IoT we talk about IIoT, which is the quintessence of Industry 4.0, so is very ambitious to summarize in a few...
Spanish technology centre
16 April 2018 en Innovation, Technology Watch
The concept of ‘Industry 4.0’ is based on the idea of the fourth industrial revolution, a revolution which leads us to a new and more-developed scenario that integrates the industrial value chain and involves new organization, management ...
compounding AIMPLAS
13 March 2017 en Technology Watch
AIMPLAS has implemented the version 2.0 of the website of our Compounding department:

This webpage is customer oriented and the companies can find how AIMPLAS can help to give solutions in each compounding...
Competitive intelligence
22 August 2016 en R&D, Technology Watch
Big Data has become a benchmark for any organization. Although the decision making from data is not a novelty, there are some tools allowing collecting, processing and analysing a larger amount of data and quickly. 
Competitive and strategic intelligence system
22 January 2015 en Innovation, Technology Watch
Globalisation is an unstoppable phenomen: it has come to stay. Competitiveness in labour and production costs force companies to differentiate from their competitors through innovation, otherwise they will have to overcome a lot of...
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