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Tag: Spanish technology centre

Antibacterial Film Based on Essential Oils for Hospital Use

The European FLEXPOL project has developed an innovative antibacterial plastic film using nanoencapsulated essential oils that is more eco-friendly than current hygienization methods.

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What uses does CO2 have?

One of the objectives in the field of sustainable development is the conversion of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, into reusable raw materials. During the last few decades, a lot of efforts have been made to succeed in transforming CO2 into chemical products with a high added value. As it happens, nearly 127.3 million industrial tonnes of CO2 in 2018 were emitted in Spain. This waste is now used as a raw material in line with the criteria set by the Circular Economy.

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Fifth Edition of Compounding Workshop “The Art of Mixing, Reinforcing and Incorporating Additives to Plastics” to Be Held at AIMPLAS Facilities

On 12 and 13 May 2020, the fifth edition of the compounding workshop The Art of Mixing, Reinforcing and Incorporating Additives to Plastics will be held at the AIMPLAS facilities in Valencia, Spain. AIMPLAS researchers Luis Roca and Vanessa Gutiérrez will lead the workshop on the latest innovations in the field of compounding.

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Filtering technology for recycled thermoplastic materials

There is currently an upward trend in the recycling of plastic materials that pursues to give them a second life. Recycled materials must meet quality criteria required by the specific application for which they are intended. Therefore, it is a priority to establish a series of processes that ensure the elimination of unwanted substances in the recycled material flow.

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