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Tag: institute of plastic technology

New analysis equipment at AIMPLAS’ Chemical Laboratory

In order to expand the possibilities of analysis by infrared spectroscopy on plastic samples of different characteristics, AIMPLAS has acquired new equipment that combines the typical techniques of infrared spectroscopy with the advantages of having a microscope attached to the spectrophotometer to perform IR analysis on samples or areas of microscopic size.

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The OCEANETS project inserts trackers in sportswear made from fishing nets to guarantee their origin

AIMPLAS has included an additive in the material the fabrics are made of that changes colour when exposed to infrared radiation. This makes it possible to certify that the raw material comes from end-of-life fishing nets.

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Recycling processes based on enzymes that break down plastics by 70%

The ENZPLAST2 project focuses on the use of enzymes for different applications in the plastics sector to develop new, more sustainable processes in line with green chemistry.

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New materials for capturing CO2 could be used to reduce industrial emissions and as catalysts

New nanomaterials will enable capturing CO2 from industrial emissions with improved CO2 desorption. These materials have also been shown useful as catalysts in the recovery of CO2 for the synthesis of chemical products.

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