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Six Major Global Challenges to Improve Food Packaging will be addressed in Valencia

Packaging innovation

MeetingPack 2015, from the 25th to the 26th of February, organized by AINIA and AIMPLAS, will bring together more than 300 international experts from the container industry from Europe, Latin America, Asia and USA.

How to obtain plastic packaging that enhance food product safety, extend their expiry dates, reduce losses and packaging defect withdrawals or improve their eco-efficiency and sustainability, the major challenges for the food industry.

For it, innovations in packaging technologies such as barrier materials, incorporation of latest generation additives that increase functionality or improvements in processes and packaging systems are the key and the differential advantage for both manufacturers and users of packaging.

Large firms will bring their innovations forward and will share the problems and challenges of the packaging value chain: Nespresso-Nestlé, Nutreco, Unilever, BASF, Mitsubishi, Sun Chemical, Nippon Gohsei, Kortec, Mocon, Sealpac-Emosa, Multivac, Hiperbaric, Macro Engineering, Milliken, KHS, Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE), EDV Packaging, Toray Films, EVAL or UBE.

The major challenges to improve plastic food packaging will be the main focus of MeetingPack 2015, which will bring together over 300 international experts from Europe and Latin America but also of large multinationals in Asia and United States.

The congress, divided into eight thematic sessions, will address the six great challenges of the food plastic packaging sector worldwide: opportunities for improving the shelf-life of the food; developments in packaging systems; new manufacturing processes; latest applications for active and intelligent packaging; packaging technology in the reduction of food waste and the latest advances in barrier materials.

Highlighted speakers will advance their innovations

Top level speakers have already confirmed their attendance to the meeting. They are experts from companies such as Nespresso-Nestlé, Nutreco, Unilever, BASF, Mitsubishi, Sun Chemical, Nippon Gohsei, Kortec, Mocon, Sealpac-Emosa, Multivac, Hiperbaric, Macro Engineering, Milliken, KHS, Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE) EDV Packaging, Toray Films, EVAL and UBE that will advance their innovations and developments to deal with the challenges of the sector.

Barrier material, differential element

Innovation in packaging design and materials with enhanced barrier properties and features (oxygen scavengers, light or humidity or functional additives) and more resistant that are used for its manufacture, acquire increasing importance in food packaging.

For example, for foods which are oxygen sensitive, such as beer, a plastic packaging with oxygen scavengers can increase its shelf-life from 13 to 21 weeks, more than a PET plastic packaging without these enhanced properties, which the shelf-life is between two and three weeks.

Besides, combining gas barrier materials, the correct selection of modified atmospheres and active substances in the packaging material such as biocides or antioxidants, an increase of 20% in the shelf-life of meat can be achieved.

But, how to make packaging with new features; what type of materials are used for increasing barrier properties, improving the sealed, making them more resistant, even more flexible and biodegradable; how to preserve the sensorial properties of food for longer; what treatments are employed for enhancing the preservation of the food or how the smart packaging and packaging systems will be on a short-term future are some of the issues to be assessed in MeetingPack 2015. It is an international unmissable event both for packaging materials and equipments manufacturers, and for entrepreneurs, executives, technicians and professionals for food packaging machinery, distribution and other agents

It is estimated that in Europe the plastic container represents nearly 39 percent of the European plastic market. For preserving the environment, the trend in design and manufacturing is also directed to obtaining lighter plastic films with lower cost, but stronger and safer. Even though, recyclable or compostable materials.

Two intense days in networking format

With a networking promotion-focused organization fostering the needs and solutions exchange, on the 25th of February a perspective of trends and markets in barrier materials and packaging; new developments in active and intelligent packaging for food packaging, new raw materials solutions for the production of plastic packagins as well as the latest developments in films, multilayer foils and thermoformed trays will be addressed.

On the 26th of February, innovations in packaging obtained by ISBM, EBM and injection technologies, the latest trends in packaging solutions, advancements in test equipments for measuring barrier properties in packaging and reduction in food waste through packaging will be considered.

Showroom with the main international novelties

This edition will also include a space for the exhibition of novelties in the several fields of application of materials and barrier packaging. Additionally, opportunities for visiting AINIA and AIMPLAS’ pilot plants facilities will be offered.

International consolidation

The aim of AINIA and AIMPLAS as MeetingPack 2015 organizers is to establish an international meeting point for offering global solutions for plastic industries, plastic packaging and food industries. A meeting, which after the success of its first edition with over 200 attendees and more than a dozen of international and national brand sponsors, is emerging as a top level European reference which offers technological support to plastic packaging to the whole value chain.

MeetingPack 2015 will be held next 25th and the 26th of February 2015 at the facilites of Commerce Chamber Business School in Valencia, located in Parque Tecnologico, Benjamin Franklin, 8 Paterna -Valencia (Spain).

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