Institute of Plastic Technology
27 November 2018 en Automotive and Transport, Energy efficiency, R&D
Nearly one hundred stakeholders from the electric vehicle industry and affiliated sectors attended the workshop Innovative Research to Improve Energy Efficiency in EVs that recently took place in Vigo, Spain.
Plastic research institute
05 November 2018 en Analysis and Testing, Innovation, R&D
As pharmaceutical products are manufactured, packaged and stored, they come into direct contact with packaging systems and their plastic materials. Such contact can result in interactions between the pharmaceutical product and its...
Spanish technology centre
24 October 2018 en Analysis and Testing, Energy efficiency, Innovation, R&D
AIMPLAS and ITI are developing the project PLASMATIC2, with the purpose of helping plastic enterprises in their transition to Industry 4.0.
 An Advanced Predictive Maintenance System has been successfully developed and a pilot experience...
Spanish technology centre
18 October 2018 en Circular Economy, R&D
The project FA DRIVER will allow the development of new thermoplastic materials with thermal conductive properties adapted to the 3D printing process. The aim of this project is to make these materials available to companies so that they...
Spanish technology centre
11 October 2018 en Analysis and Testing, Functional Printing, R&D
The project FLEXSENS will develop flexible and large-surface pressure sensors to integrate new functionalities in the toy sector. This will result in prototypes in which pressure-sensitive sensors will be integrated by means of different...
Institute of Plastic Technology
02 October 2018 en Analysis and Testing, R&D
AIMPLAS is participating in the second year of a project that will ensure the processability at the industrial level of new polymer developments on demand. After the project, results will be transferred to all the companies of the plastics...
Institute of Plastic Technology
20 September 2018 en Innovation, R&D
Plastronics is a new research and development line in the field of electronics that includes the incorporation of electronic components in plastic materials, the development of flexible electronics and the use of conductive materials based...
Spanish technology centre
01 August 2018 en Analysis and Testing, R&D
Within the field of composite materials, we find a wide range of processing techniques based on the use of reinforcing materials mainly focused on textile structures and matrices of polymeric materials. Depending on the thermoplastic or...
Spanish technology centre
13 July 2018 en R&D
In recent years, adhesives have experienced a spectacular progress by replacing conventional joining techniques such as mechanical joining or welding. This progress was largely due to the important effort made in R&D to obtain...
Plastic research institute
29 June 2018 en R&D

Last 14 June, the project ECOGEL CRONOS, coordinated by AIMPLAS, got the patent to protect its results.


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