Plastic research institute
29 January 2018 en Environment, R&D, Recycling
The consortium of the project URBANREC, coordinated by AIMPLAS, is going to hold the 1st Technical Workshop and Networking Event on 23 February.
During the technical workshop the first results will be presented regarding Fiber Reinforced...
24 January 2018 en R&D, Recycling
The current management of commercial plastic wastes in the European Union does not meet the circular economy criteria and only in 2013, the Member States generated more than one million tons, of which 95 % were landfilled.
During the LIFE...
control Lepidoptera pests
05 December 2017 en Healthcare, Innovation, R&D
The aim of LIFE PISA Project (LIFE13 ENV/ES/000504) is to demonstrate the viability of the combination of several systems currently used to control Lepidoptera pests to be applied in different urban or recreational areas in different...
recycled plastic
16 October 2017 en R&D, Recycling
After three years of research, the European project LIFE EXTRUCLEAN has concluded successfully and has resulted in an innovative industrial process for decontaminating and recycling plastic packaging wastes having contained hazardous...
17 May 2017 en Bioplastics, Environment, R&D, Recycling
The FIBFAB project, coordinated by AIMPLAS, will allow obtaining sustainable textile fibres to replace polyester with advantages such as higher breathability, lower weight, better tinting and UV rays resistance. 
rd plastics
10 March 2017 en R&D, Training in plastics
Next 23 March, AIMPLAS will open its new materials R&D building. These facilities have a surface of more than 1,000 m2, in addition to the 8,500 m2 facilities available. 
plastic injection
08 November 2016 en Food sector, Healthcare, R&D
AIMPLAS has collaborated with the company INYECTADOS ALSAN, dedicated to product manufacturing for different sectors by means of injection, to develop an innovative material allowing bringing an ice bucket with bactericidal and antifungal...
Competitive intelligence
22 August 2016 en R&D, Technology Watch
Big Data has become a benchmark for any organization. Although the decision making from data is not a novelty, there are some tools allowing collecting, processing and analysing a larger amount of data and quickly. 
recycled food packaging
25 July 2016 en Environment, Packaging, R&D, Recycling
As a result of REGULATION 282/2008/UE, the prohibition of use of recycled plastic materials in contact with food at national level disappeared, which was later reaffirmed in the Royal Decree 846/2011.
biodegradable plastics
19 July 2016 en Bioplastics, Food sector, Innovation, Packaging, R&D
A European project coordinated by AIMPLAS has made possible the development of biodegradable packages, such as bags, bottles and caps to contain products requiring treatments like pasteurization or sterilization.


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