Developments and trends in plastics recycling

Plastic recycling is a key industry for a smooth transition towards the circular economy, not just for the environment, but also for the economy and to achieve the goals set by Europe. It is essential to continue working on optimizing the management and recovery of plastic waste, developing new applications and improving recycling processes.

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New mobile, modular chemical recycling system converts non-recyclable waste into high value-added additives

Chemical recycling consists of a set of thermal, chemical and biological processes that complement mechanical recycling with the aim of achieving the ambitious goal of […]

Infographic: Ecolabels and certifications applicable to the recycling of plastic materials

At AIMPLAS we have created this infographic to help companies to know some of the most important ecolabels and certification related to the recycling of […]

Recycled plastic: a new technology to recycle packages having contained hazardous substances

AIMPLAS, together with  AIDIMME, ARVET, ACTECO and ENPLAST, coordinates the project LIFE EXTRUCLEAN. Thanks to new decontamination technologies, it has been achieved to eliminate 70% more contaminant substances than with the conventional process. In the coming months, the project will be scaled at industrial level and the use of the material obtained in the manufacture of new packages will be validated. 

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AIMPLAS is working on using end-of-life tyres to create more sustainable materials with improved properties for construction

Given that management of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) can have a major impact on the environment, more than 176,000 tonnes of ELTs are collected in Spain […]

Biological plastic recycling

What is biological recycling? Biological recycling refers to all the processes of plastic waste transformation that implicate the action of microorganisms or molecules produced by […]

AIMPLAS participates in the EU REPurpose project on safe and sustainable design of elastomeric plastics from recycling of post-consumer waste

Finding a sustainable way to shape a zero-waste economy is essential to keep the world’s consumption within its planetary boundaries, especially for versatile and widespread […]

A portable robotic Materials Recovery Facility to bring improved waste management to remote areas

Waste management is a difficult task in remote places or where the waste generated is not enough to justify substantial infrastructure. In places like the […]

AIMPLAS and partners launch new innovation project on circular & sustainable textiles

The production and consumption of textile products continue to grow, together with their impact on the environment, due to a lack of reuse, repair and […]