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REACH inspections on phthalates: REACH EN-FORCE 4

Spain is taking part in the coordinated European inspection project for the monitoring implementation of the REACH regulation, called «REACH-EN-FORCE 4». This project has been organized by the Forum for Exchange of Information of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and will be developed over 2016.

The project’s objectives are focused on verifying the compliance with the Annex XVII of the Regulation (CE) nº1907/2006 (REACH), when restrictions are established in the manufacturing, commercialization and use of particular hazardous substances, mixtures and articles.

Within the framework of the Paper on Environmental Health of the Interterritorial Board SNS, it was established that the restrictions to be checked in Spain must include the following entries:

  • Benzene (entry 5) in glues for consumers and professionals.
  • Chromium VI (entry 47) in cement and leather articles.
  • Toluene (entry 48) in adhesives and spray paints.
  • Phthalates (entries 51, 52) in toys and child care products.

Thus, inspections will be carried out mainly on downstream users (producers and importers of mixtures and articles, end users, etc.) of this kind of products, although the project leaves open the possibility of inspecting also distributors, including retailers and e-commerce businesses.

The national results will be forwarded to the Forum’s working group during the first quarter of 2017, where data will be analysed and processed to publish the final report during the last quarter of the year.