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Category: R&D

Biocomposites in the automotive industry: potential applications and benefits

Biocomposite materials can be defined as composite materials in which at least one of the constituents is derived from natural sources. This includes composite materials made from the combination of petroleum-derived polymers reinforced with natural fibre, biopolymers reinforced with natural fibre, or biopolymers reinforced with synthetic fibre (e.g. glass, carbon).

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Insecticidal and repellent coatings will prevent the spread of pests in freight transport

The BIO-VECTORS project will help develop a functional coating with insecticidal and repellent properties against flies and mosquitos for cardboard containers and packaging suitable for food contact.

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A new method of manufacturing light aircraft parts will reduce current costs and increase production speed and quality

The FAMACOM project will be a technological leap forward for manufacturing sandwich-structured composite parts by automating production and reducing energy consumption. Additionally, the microwave curing process will reduce time and improve quality.

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New surface coatings to allow purifying the indoor environment of buildings

The project is developing coatings to be applied in floors, furniture, paint, composites and ceramics to purify the indoor environment of buildings and photodegrade substances such as formaldehyde by means of photodegradation.

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