Plastics are Future will meet in Valencia the most spectacular innovations on new materials

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The 20th century has seen how plastics were born, how they have incredibly grown and how they have extended their application fields up to levels never expected. The modern society cannot be understood without their presence, and the 21st century will be undoubtedly the plastics century; new challenges are raising and materials must be working for the needs of our society: the cars of the future, the new energy sources, the intelligent and high-protection packagings, the respect for environment, the curing of mortal diseases, the challenge of sustainable production, among others. All this involves a constant and endless evolution of materials.

AIMPLAS, as an agent of innovation, is one of the protagonists of this phenomenon and so it is holding the 26 and 27 April, an international seminar where it is expected to talk, since a practical approach, about what is coming.

For companies, the exploration of the polymeric materials that are coming is high-relevance element to promote and generate new market strategies. Moreover, sharing new and near realities in plastic materials must be a breeding ground that inspires the creation of new start-up and small technology-based companies. This forum will also serve to aware all the social agents of the importance of investing in the future and bet on new solutions that innovation in materials makes possible.

Plastics are Future will be a bridge and a meeting point between different sectorial realities, whose result will be the enrichment in new ideas and opportunities. Enhancing the knowledge in innovative materials is a fundamental objective to be able to forecast the market opportunities. Intelligent nanomaterials, sensors, supermaterials for extreme applications, new-generation foams, aerogels, form-memory materials, biomaterials with active properties and many other possibilities in polymers will be the protagonists on this event.

A sponsorship opportunity

You can also participate on this international event by being a sponsor, a formula for which we have designed different available alternatives in the event’s website.

The sponsorship option in a meeting of such characteristics mean for companies a very interesting possibility of promoting in an increasing market, as well as the positive effort of their corporate image since the this event has a link with innovation and represents a way of reaching the public by means of the media that is going to cover the meeting.

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