Plastics for the packaging industry

The main advantages of using plastic to package any kind of product include barrier properties, low weight, strength, flexibility, safety and versatility. Plastic is therefore used in innumerable applications and types of packaging in a wide range of sectors for food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, logistical, chemical and cleaning products. The packaging industry is now facing new challenges in the search for more sustainable solutions based on the circular economy that also comply with legislation.

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The importance of sensory analysis in food packaging

As stated in the basic principle of Regulation 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, “any material or article intended to come into contact directly or indirectly with food must be sufficiently inert to preclude substances from being transferred to food

Active packaging: benefits, types and success stories

This infographic on active and intelligent packaging created by AIMPLAS, shows graphically the keys of active packaging. Find out what is an active package, consumer […]

New USP developments for pharmaceutical packages

As pharmaceutical products are manufactured, packaged and stored, they come into direct contact with packaging systems and their plastic materials. Such contact can result in […]

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PRESERVE: working to improve bioplastics performance for better preservation of food

AIMPLAS, is participating in the European PRESERVE Project with the aim of improving the performance of bioplastics so that they not only ensure optimal preservation […]

An active packaging made from cheese waste which extends the shelf life between 5 and 10 days

It is now possible to use whey, a by-product of cheese production, to extend the shelf life of cheese by up to 10 days. The […]

AIMPLAS participates in a new Horizon Europe project on reusable plastic packaging

AIMPLAS participates in a new European research on reusable plastic packaging. The project BUDDIE-PACK, funded by the Horizon Europe programme, was launched on 21 and […]

NEMOSINE Project comes to end with creation of smart packaging that extends useful life and improves preservation of cinematographic and photographic heritage

The NEMOSINE Project, coordinated by AIMPLAS, has come to an end after four years of research to find a more efficient and sustainable storage solution […]

Food packaging: The challenge test and the use of recycled plastic

The use of recycled material in food packaging is an opportunity for the sector but is subject to important environmental and health requirements that must […]