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Category: Packaging

Hospital pharmacy and ophthalmological patients will benefit from the validation of two packages for eye drops

The PHARMAPACKSAFE project has allowed the validation of two packages to contain eye drops made by hospital pharmacies so that we already know the exact expiry date of the formulated drugs contained, which vary from four to six months at fridge.

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A packaging with two temperatures, bags and bottles with high recycled content and sustainable barrier packaging were exhibited at MeetingPack 2019

Companies from the entire plastic food packaging industry such as Danone, SP GROUP, Klöckner Pentaplast, Knauf Industries, Comexi, Cadel Deinking, Artibal or Plásticos Romero showed the attendees and the media their latest developments in a space designed to exhibit their innovations.

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The keys to achieving sustainable plastic food packaging to be discussed at MeetingPack 2019

Industry leaders such as AMC Juices, Enplater Group, Novamont, Grupalia Pack and TÜV AUSTRIA, among others, will talk about their success stories on the incorporation of the Circular Economy and sustainability in their production processes.

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Classification and identification of plastics

According to their characteristics, there are three types of classifications regarding plastics: according to their chemical structure, their polarity and their applications. According to their chemical structure and temperature behaviour, plastics can be divided into thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers.

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