Notified Bodies for CE marking of plastic products

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«CE marking» means European Conformity and is the manufacturers’ prove that its product complies with the minimum legal and technical requirements with respect to safety in the European Union. CE marking is not optional and every product must have it if it is within the scope of the about 20 «New Approach directives».

CE marking is the free-movement “passport” for a product in the EU and is the responsible of the certification procedures and product’s conformity certification. Certification is the procedure wherein an accredited body recognizes that a company’s manufacturing control complies with a series of requirements established by a Regulation, in an objective and formal way.

What is a Notified Body?

Notified Bodies are impartial entities with the competence and responsibility needed to carry out the conformity certification according to the established standards. In Spain, Notified Bodies must be accredited by ENAC, the Spanish National Accreditation Body. Its characteristics are: 

The responsibility of products conformity reverts basically on the manufacturer. Therefore, at the choice of a Notified Body we must bear in mind the recognized prestige, objectivity and thoroughness of such N. B. to ensure that the certification obtained complies with the requirements established in the current regulation. 

AIMPLAS is the only Notified Body in Spain by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (no 1842) to carry out the following activities:

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