New acquisition of equipment and accessories for accelerated artificial ageing tests

AIMPLAS has recently included new equipment for the performance of accelerated artificial ageing tests that increase the capacities in this field, in order to provide a better service to companies of different sectors in the plastics industry. Specifically, an accelerated artificial ageing xenon arc lamp chamber ATLAS Ci3000+ Weather-Ometer/Fade-Ometer has been purchased. This chamber is added to the four xenon arc lamp chambers that AIMPLAS already has, thus increasing the capacity available to perform this type of tests and also the versatility in terms of the different test methods that can be performed at the same time. 

Ci3000+ Weather-Ometer/Fade-Ometer

Together with this equipment, a special filter system that can be adapted to chambers Ci3000 in order to carry out the indoor exposure test according to the automotive Ford FLTM BO 116-01 sector regulation (EXPOSURE OF INTERIOR TRIM MATERIALS IN A CONTROLLED IRRADIANCE WATER COOLED XENON-ARC APPARATUS) has been purchased. This test requires the assembly of the filter system known as Auxiliary Lamp Filter Lantern that assembles six special SF-5 type glass filters. With this acquisition, the FLTM BO 116-01 is included in the list of standards that AIMPLAS’ equipment can carry out.  

Auxiliary Lamp Filter Lantern


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