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Spanish technology centre
02 November 2017 en Analysis and Testing, Construction, Legislation and standards
The compliance with the existing legislation is made compulsory by the company. However, the large number of existing laws for the different markets causes that in some cases the company may not be aware of all the responsibilities and may...
Spanish technology centre
31 July 2017 en Legislation and standards, Packaging
On June 16 2017, the ECHA Member State Committee (MSC) unanimously agreed to identify 4,4'-isopropylidenediphenol (bisphenol A, BPA) (EC 201-245-8, CAS 80-05-7)  as a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) under REACH due to alleged...
testing plastic materials
30 November 2016 en Construction, Legislation and standards
The standards concerning plastic pipes are determined by the material used to manufacture such pipe (polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC) and by the function that is going to perform, whether supply or sanitation. 
REACH regulation
09 September 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Legislation and standards
Five of the Member States of the European Union (France, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden) have displayed their intention of including the following six substances in the list of “Candidate substances of very high concern to...
reach regulations
26 July 2016 en Legislation and standards
Last 27 April, the European Chemicals Agency launched some new public consultations on the use of chemical compounds in 29 different applications to authorize 47 uses.
The chemical compounds involved are:
accredited laboratories plastic
15 July 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Construction, Legislation and standards
«CE marking» means European Conformity and is the manufacturers’ prove that its product complies with the minimum legal and technical requirements with respect to safety in the European Union. CE marking is not optional and every product...
REACH regulation plastics
06 July 2016 en Legislation and standards
Spain is taking part in the coordinated European inspection project for the monitoring implementation of the REACH regulation, called «REACH-EN-FORCE 4». This project has been organized by the Forum for Exchange of Information of the...
REACH regulation
17 June 2016 en Circular Economy, Healthcare, Legislation and standards
The REACH regulation (CE) nº 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and the Council came into force on 1st June 2007 and is the most ambitious legislation on chemical substances worldwide.
It replaces around 40 existing regulations related...
Biodegradable bags
11 April 2016 en Legislation and standards, Packaging
On 1 July 2016 a new decree of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy on single-use plastic bags will enter into force. This decree provides clear requirements on reducing single-use plastic bags in favour of...
bisphenol A
02 February 2016 en Healthcare, Legislation and standards
The Committee for Socio-economic Assessment of ECHA has determined that the benefits of restricting bisphenol A in thermal paper are going to be less than the socio-economic costs and they also add some restrictions that shall be checked....


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