Innovative friendly traps for the control of Pine Lepidoptera in urban and recreational places

Categories: Circular economy in the plastics industry, Innovation and trends in plastic materials

The main objective of LIFE PISA project (LIFE13 ENV/ES/000504) is to demonstrate the viability of the combination of several systems currently used to control processionary and tree lappet pest to be applied in different urban or recreational areas in 4 countries (Spain, Italy, UK and Greece), where the air or massive fumigation is not possible. Moreover, it aims to improve current traps systems to increase significantly their effectiveness, reduce cost and to be adapted to each selected demonstrative urban pine areas.

The use of these traps, with minimal visual effect and non-disturbing the life of other forest animals, will help to decrease population of pine processionary and Pine tree lappet and reduce significantly irritating injuries and allergic symptoms.

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