How to make my company ‘Industry 4.0’

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The concept of ‘Industry 4.0’ is based on the idea of the fourth industrial revolution, a revolution which leads us to a new and more-developed scenario that integrates the industrial value chain and involves new organization, management and operation models.

Smart and flexible factories can meet many opportunities that reach consumers in different formats and through different ways.

This idea of ‘Industry 4.0’ covers technologies such as additive manufacture, collaborative robotics, sensor robotics, cyber-physical systems, virtualization of infrastructures (cloud computing), environments and products (virtual and augmented reality), big data solutions and semantic web or cyber security as a guarantor of the integrity of a connected environment.

The plastic industry is aware of this reality, which is being expanded in all industrial sectors, both manufacturing companies and large end users.

The key: assessment and diagnosis

But the real challenge is to take the first step, in other words, to know where our company is and which its positioning is, in technological and organizational terms, within the framework of ‘Industry 4.0’.

Having an assessment and diagnosis made by an expert will allow companies to mark their strategies and objectives in short, medium and long term, thus offering their customers the image and services requested, thanks to the updating of its structures, equipment, methodologies and its flexible philosophy, in line with the demand of the current and future market.

Support for companies

In order to support companies within the plastic sector, AIMPLAS have been developed its own roadmap to industry 4.0, through an initial diagnosis of the digital capabilities of the company.

Furthermore, to gain a deeper insight into their current state of industry 4.0 implementation, the industry 4.0 maturity model developed by AIMPLAS offers a comprehensive methodology using which companies can evaluate their progress, identify specific goals and develop suitable measures to achieve them.

Also, AIMPLAS its able to provide its know how about plastics transformation processes combined with insights about industry 4.0 technologies, enhancing the capability of the enterprises within the plastic sector to find tailored solutions.

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