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Category: Healthcare

Hospital pharmacy and ophthalmological patients will benefit from the validation of two packages for eye drops

The PHARMAPACKSAFE project has allowed the validation of two packages to contain eye drops made by hospital pharmacies so that we already know the exact expiry date of the formulated drugs contained, which vary from four to six months at fridge.

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Insecticidal and repellent coatings will prevent the spread of pests in freight transport

The BIO-VECTORS project will help develop a functional coating with insecticidal and repellent properties against flies and mosquitos for cardboard containers and packaging suitable for food contact.

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New surface coatings to allow purifying the indoor environment of buildings

The project is developing coatings to be applied in floors, furniture, paint, composites and ceramics to purify the indoor environment of buildings and photodegrade substances such as formaldehyde by means of photodegradation.

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Greenhouse gas removal: the essential contribution of plastics

We have all heard about excessive emissions of CO2, a gas that is absolutely necessary for life on […]

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