Institute of Plastic Technology
08 November 2018 en Analysis and Testing, Food sector, Healthcare, Packaging
The main objective of this R&D project is to develop an innovative methodology to support companies from the Valencian Community, in particular, SMEs, when identifying and controlling NIAS, with the aim of improving the food safety of...
control Lepidoptera pests
05 December 2017 en Healthcare, Innovation, R&D
The aim of LIFE PISA Project (LIFE13 ENV/ES/000504) is to demonstrate the viability of the combination of several systems currently used to control Lepidoptera pests to be applied in different urban or recreational areas in different...
Spanish technology centre
20 September 2017 en Healthcare, Innovation
AEROINJECTGRO seeks to address the challenges with regard to reconstructing important defects in maxillofacial surgery by means of third-generation biomaterials 
R&D plastics
10 April 2017 en Healthcare, Nanomaterials
ERESA coordinates a project funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the programme RETOS, where AIMPLAS participates. This will allow the development of innovative polymeric tags that will improve the radiotherapy...
rd plastics
21 November 2016 en Healthcare
AIMPLAS has taken part in a project funded by the Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe), resulting in the development of a low-cost and reusable ‘videolaryngoscope’, which consists of a clip-on plastic part and a video...
plastic injection
08 November 2016 en Food sector, Healthcare, R&D
AIMPLAS has collaborated with the company INYECTADOS ALSAN, dedicated to product manufacturing for different sectors by means of injection, to develop an innovative material allowing bringing an ice bucket with bactericidal and antifungal...
food packaging challenges
15 August 2016 en Food sector, Healthcare, Packaging
The experience of AIMPLAS in project implementation and technical researches related to selecting food-contact plastic materials for food contact packaging has allowed to identify the two facts related to permeability, which are usually...
reach regulations
18 July 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Circular Economy, Healthcare, Packaging
In a meeting held last March, the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) and after the restriction proposal presented by Poland, it has been accepted the restriction on methanol concentration in windshield washing fluids and...
food contact packaging
08 July 2016 en Food sector, Healthcare, Packaging
Smart packages give information to consumers based on the interaction happened between food and packaging, which triggers a modification in the packaging, an indicator of the quality or condition of the product.  
sustainable packaging
04 July 2016 en Circular Economy, Energy efficiency, Healthcare, Packaging, Recycling
AIMPLAS, together with  AIDIMME, ARVET, ACTECO and ENPLAST, coordinates the project LIFE EXTRUCLEAN. Thanks to new decontamination technologies, it has been achieved to eliminate 70% more contaminant substances than with the conventional...


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