Plastics in the food industry

Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in the food industry for food packaging.  Its role in food safety and reducing food waste has made it an essential material in the food industry. Food contact plastics must comply with the strictest international, European and national legislation and regulations in order to provide a guarantee for consumers, who are increasingly more sophisticated and demanding.

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Ethylene scavengers to extend the shelf life of fresh fruit

The development of new packages and packaging technologies for fresh fruits and vegetables is a constant for packaging companies, in order to give an answer […]

Types of food packaging

In this post, you will find the most relevant types of food packaging of the market and the application sectors where they are used.

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Active packaging for fish, sauces, meat, cheese and fruit and vegetable products

In the last years, AIMPLAS has been developing active packages with antioxidant properties and good thermal and mechanical resistance properties. This packaging is manufactured through co-injection moulding and has been used for the following products: fish, sauces, meat, cheese and fruit and vegetable.

Testing conditions for overall and specific migration test for packaging

Overall migration testing The Regulation nº 10/2011 establishes nine possible testing conditions which cover all applications regarding overall migration. In the most common use, in […]

The safety of food contact packaging

For some years now, packaging manufacturers and the food industry have become aware of the importance of guaranteeing the safety of food contact materials. Moreover, […]

Food contact packaging: research on plastic packages made with surplus cheese production

About 40% of whey is thrown away and managed as food industry waste On average, the cheese making process generates 9 tonnes of whey for […]

AIMPLAS coordinates the research to obtain biodegradable packages for dairy products

The Technological Institute of Plastic coordinates the two-year BIOBOTTLE European project in which eight partners participate in the obtaining of a new biodegradable and resistant to thermal treatments material to manufacture dairy products.