Food contact testing: Legislation on Food-Contact Materials

Categories: Developments in laws and regulations on plastics, Quality control of polymers and plastic products

Since the publication of the Regulation 10/2011, there have been some transitory dispositions that allow that the new legislation is being adapted progressively in some points.

These transitory dispositions make reference mainly to applied testing conditions, the legislation to which we have to make reference in the Declaration of Conformity of the articles, how to proceed with those who were already put in the market in the date of publication of the Regulation, etc.

2015 marks the year of the last transitory dispositions, which are these:

So, from 1st January 2016, all the plastic articles in contact with food that require migration tests must be tested with the simulants and the exposure conditions indicated in the Regulation 10/2011 and so issue the declaration of conformity.

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