First edition of international workshop on biocidal agents and their applications in plastics industry

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AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, is organizing an online workshop on trends and opportunities for biocidal agents in the plastics sector that will be held on 29 June. The aim is to inform industry companies of the opportunities biocides have to offer and to describe the main market trends, legislative aspects and new solutions that research can offer. The importance of choosing the right substances to contrast the spread of different microorganisms will also be addressed as well as example by companies that use antimicrobial agents to add value to their products.

The event will begin with a presentation on biocidal needs, strategies and solutions in the plastics industry by Lodovico Agostinis, a researcher and member of the AIMPLAS Chemical Technology Group. It will be followed by a presentation on the definition, types, classification and commercialization requirements of different biocidal substances by Lidia Ferrer from the Valencia Regional Government’s Ministry of Universal Health Care and Public Health. Rafael Sanjuán, from the Universitat de València, will discuss an evaluation of antiviral activity in cell culture. This will be followed by Roberto Spogli, from Prolabin & Tefarm, who will speak on the topic of highly heat-resistant and easily dispersible antimicrobial products for use in innovative polymer and coating formulations.

The second session will begin with a presentation on the need for validated antimicrobial materials in healthcare by Héctor Martínez, from La Fe Medical Research Institute Hospital. Alena Balogova, from Chemosfit Fibro Chem, will give the presentation Antiviral and Antimicrobial Polypropylene Yarns and Reusable Textiles in Medicine, and Patricia Martorell, from ADM Biopolis, will talk about the evaluation of antimicrobials in the preclinical model Caenorhabditis elegans. Antonio Hostalet, from TAYG Clinic, will give the presentation Nosocomial Diseases: Bacterial Clean Spaces and Storage. The session will end with Mária Kováčová, from the Polymer Institute of Bratislava, who will explain how light can be used to trigger the antibacterial activity of polymer nanocompounds.

The third session will begin with Emma Talón, from Bionicia, who will discuss antimicrobial products. Pilar Domingo-Calap, from the Universitat de València, will give a talk on bacteriophages and one promising approach against pathogenic bacteria in particular. Fernando Lorenzo, from Betelgueux, will then talk about disinfection trends in the food industry and the regulatory framework. Bio-based antimicrobial agents will be discussed by Matej Bračič, from the Univerza v Mariboru, and Erick Danilo Tello Rendón, from Ancor Technologies, will give a presentation on antimicrobial masterbatches.

The fourth and final session will begin with María Cecilia Giron, from the Università degli Studi di Padova, who will give a talk on antimicrobials as the friends and foes of human health. This will be followed by George Kiriakidis, from PCN Materials, whose presentation topic will be effective biocidal photocatalytic materials based on modified TiO2, while Eladio Gómez, from Vesismin, will give the presentation Biofilms, VBNC Bacteria, Other Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Finally, Marilyn Bruno, from Aequor, will share her extensive expertise on antimicrobial agents and bio-based antibiofilm.

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