First edition of the Bioplastic Compounding and Formulation webinar

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From 4 to 6 October, AIMPLAS will hold the first edition of its new Bioplastic Compounding and Formulation webinar via streaming. The course, with a duration of ten hours, will be taught by Luis Roca, Compounding leader at AIMPLAS and aims to explain in detail how to modify bioplastics to achieve better performance.

AIMPLAS is aware of the rising interest in bioplastics in the plastic industry and has designed this training activity for companies interested in increasing their knowledge in bioplastics and how to modify them to increase the range of properties and applications of these materials for replacing traditional non-biodegradable plastics.

The Bioplastic Compounding and Formulation webinar will combine the two main aspects of bioplastic compounding. On the one hand, raw materials, by describing what are bioplastics and which are their needs, additives, fillers or fibres used to improve their properties. On the other hand, the compounding conditions via co-rotating twin screw extruder to develop the most typical compounds such as blends, filled bioplastics or natural, reinforced fibres.

More information and registration here.

Bioplastic Compounding and Formulation webinar

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